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A variety of informative books to help understand and manage diabetes: educational books, cookbooks and logbook.

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  • Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies - book

    Product Code:  0-470-83370-X

    CAD 31.50
  • La sante au menu (French Cookbook)

    Product Code:  2-7619-1588-7

    CAD 31.50
  • Pumping Insulin- Book

    Product Code:  PI-884804

    CAD 26.25
  • Company's coming - Cookbook

    Product Code:  CC65215

    CAD 21.00
  • Logbook - English

    Product Code:  HMS-PLOG

    CAD 0.00
  • Logbook - French

    Product currently unavailable

    Product Code:  PLOG-FR

    CAD 0.00