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Tapes & Dressings

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Tapes, Dressings and Shower Pack

  • Polyskin II Tape Dressing is a transparent dressing cover which can be used to cover the infusion site.
  • 3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing - Latex Free (100/bx) 6 x 7 cm.
  • IV3000 Transparent Dressing is an adhesive film that could be used to cover and protect the sensor and transmitter

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    • Tapes, Dressings and Shower Pack
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    • 3M Tegaderm Transparent Dressing - Latex Free (100/bx)

      Product Code:  1624W

      CAD 50.00
    • IV3000 1-Hand Transparent Dressing - Adhesive Patch (100/Bx)

      Product Code:  MMT-174

      CAD 50.00
    • IV3000 Infusion Set Adhesive Tape 2 1/3"" X 2 3/4" - (30/box)

      Product Code:  HMS-66800786

      CAD 22.00
    • Shower pack - (30/bx)

      Product currently unavailable

      Product Code:  MMT-117

      CAD 19.50
    • Skin Tac (50/bx)

      Product Code:  HMS-180

      CAD 22.00
    • Remove - Adhesive Remover Wipes - (50/bx)

      Product Code:  403120

      CAD 25.00
    • Skin Prep Wipes - (50/bx)

      Product Code:  HMS-59420425

      CAD 18.99