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Guardian™ Sensor (3)

Users of our GuardianTM Sensor (3) technology may be experiencing a temporary delay or a partial shipment of their orders due to supply issues. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are working to minimize disruption and restore our normal deliveries for our customers as quickly as possible.


The Guardian Sensor (3) offers improved performance through the smallest and most comfortable glucose sensor from Medtronic1. The Guardian™ Sensor 3 is inserted just under skin, accurately measuring glucose values and relays these values to your MiniMed™ 670G, 770G and 780G insulin pumps.


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  • Guardian™ Sensor (3)
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  • Sensor MMT-7020C4 GS3 5PK 2L CANADA

    Product Code:  MMT-7020C4

    CAD 399.00
  • Sensor MMT-7020D4 GS3 1PK 2L CANADA

    Product currently unavailable

    Product Code:  MMT-7020D4

    CAD 85.00