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inset™ 30 Infusion set

Inset™ 30 infusion set for Animas® pumps
The inset™ 30 infusion system is an angled infusion system with built-in disposable insertion device. The all-in-one design is meant to support your freedom and flexibility.
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  • inset™ 30 Infusion set
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  • inset™ 30 infusion set, 13mm Cannula, 23" Tubing - Grey - (10/bx) - LPC* : 100-396-30

    Product Code:  HMS-10039630

    CAD 195.00
  • inset™ 30 infusion set, 13mm Cannula, 43" Tubing - Grey - (10/bx) - LPC* : 100-396-33

    Product Code:  HMS-10039633

    CAD 195.00