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Infusion Sets

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MiniMed® Sure-T™ Infusion sets

MiniMed Sure-T : Enhanced security
Sure-T is uniquely designed with a kink-free steel needle, the thinnest available in the MiniMed portfolio. Combined with an extra disconnection site 10 cm away from the infusion site, this provides extra security against clogging and dislodging. MiniMed Sure-T is particularly suited for infants and children, pregnant women or people allergic to Teflon®.

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  • MiniMed® Sure-T™ Infusion sets
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  • Paradigm® Sure-T™, 6mm Cannula, 18" Tubing - (10/bx)

    Product Code:  MMT-862A

    CAD 174.00
  • Paradigm® Sure-T™, 6mm Cannula, 23" Tubing - (10/bx)

    Product Code:  MMT-864A

    CAD 174.00
  • Paradigm® Sure-T™, 6mm Cannula, 32" Tubing - (10/bx)

    Product Code:  MMT-866A

    CAD 174.00
  • Paradigm® Sure-T™, 8mm Cannula, 23" Tubing - (10/bx)

    Product Code:  MMT-874A

    CAD 145.00